The Muelle del Alma, better known as Muelle de las Almas, is a Chilean sculpture built in 2005 by the artist Marcelo Orellana Rivera, located south of the town of Cucao in the commune of Chonchi, Chiloé archipelago. It is located on a private property located at the Pirulil point, in the place that harbors the ancient Huilliche legend of the souls of Cucao.

Isla Grande de Chiloé in Pirulil Point, at the southern end of Cucao Bay, 10.4 kilometers south of the village of the same name and near the town of Rahue. It was prepared by Orellana as a thesis project and financed thanks to a Fondart. The project also had the support of the Municipality of Chonchi and the Chiloé National Park, located in the vicinity of the work.

Made of natural woods, the pier is inspired by the Chilote mythology of the souls of Cucao, souls of deceased people who come to Pirulil to, in desperation and anguish, request the Tempilcahue rafter to take them to a place of rest. The sculpture is projected upward, "invoking the beyond."

It can be reached on foot or by vehicle from Cucao, following route W-848 that leads to Rahue. A short walk away, there is a booth marked "Muelle de las Almas", in which the entrance fee of ten thousand pesos per person is paid.

After covering 8 km, a private parking lot marks the starting point of a 2 km traffic easement that leads to the pier.


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